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Nanomid Player

The best OTT and IPTV app for SmartT TVs and mobile devices, now with built-in VPN




What's Nanomid Guard ?

Nanomid Guard is the first technology that combines VPN service and web proxies to guarantee full security and protection to you and your devices. We proudly provide the only integrated IPTV security solution for SmartTVs


Hide your location

From the moment you have activated Guard on the Player, your navigation will be encrypted and your position hidden


Streaming bandwidth

Using Nanomid Guard you will not have any slowdowns or blocks in using Nanomid Player


Insert Guard on more Players

You can use Nanomid Guard on as many devices as you like, but not at the same time


Custom Add-on

Once Guard is enabled on Nanomid Player, the Guard add-on will appear on the screen indicating that your connection is secure


Proxy & VPN

Nanomid Guard is the first technology that combines VPN service and web proxy to ensure full security and protection for you and your devices


Select Countries

From the Nanomid Player settings you can choose which country to connect to with Guard, or select a random one

How does it work ?

Nanomid Guard creates a secure connection between you and the internet. All your data traffic is routed over a virtual tunnel encrypted by a VPN. When you log into Nanomid Player with Guard active, your IP address is masked, making your location invisible to all. Only you have access to the data in the encrypted tunnel, no one else can because they don't have the key


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