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Nanomid Guard

What is a Guard?
It is a VPN / Proxy service that obfuscates your IP address when you access the playlists
What do I need to use Nanomid Guard?

To be registered on "nanomid.com" , purchase a Guard and associate it with your device

How to Purchase Guard?

To activate the Guard service you must be registered on "nanomid.com" . Once logged in, go to Guard New to purchase a Pass

How do I associate a Guard with Nanomid Player?

Go to Manage-Your-App and perform the following steps:

1. Choose the item "Send your Pass"
2. Enter the OTP code generated on Nanomid Player
3. Finally the purchased Guard

NOTE: You can also associate the Guard from your user area

How to manage, modify or delete a Guard?

After registering, perform the following steps:

1. Go to: Guard List and choose the Guard you purchased
2. Select "Actions" and then " Send Key Pass to Player", you can send it via " OTP "or simply select the desired "Player"


1. Go su: Devices and choose the device on which you want to send the Guard
2. Select "Actions" and click on the item you want "Add Pass"- "Delete Pass"- "Edit Pass"

Can I use the Guard on multiple devices the same time?
A Guard can be paired to multiple devices but cannot be used on more then one device the same time
My Guard has been lost / stolen / compromised
You can regenerate your Guard via the "Nanomid Guard" section in your personal area. Select the Guard concerned then select "Actions" and finally "Generate New Pass". The deadline will remain the same
How do I check I am correctly connected to Guard?
Recall that Nanomid Guard does not cloud the entire network. If the GUARD ON logo appears on the top right of the app, our systems are protecting your device.
How do I check the expiration of my Guard from the Nanomid account?

Go to: Guard List to quickly check the status and expiration of the Guard Passes associated with your account

How do I renew the Guard?

The renewal of the Guard will take place automatically only if you have purchased the 1 Month subscription and activated the automatic renewal.
The 3-month, 6-month or 12-month subscription cannot be renewed, you will need to purchase a new subscription


You did not find what you were looking for?

To contact support register,
if you are already registered, access the "My Tickets" section

Note: To recover a license already purchased, make sure to register the same email used during the payment phase.

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