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What is a VPN Pass?
It is a VPN service that allows you to browse anonymously
Which Nanomid products is VPN Pass compatible with?

You can use VPN Pass on:
- Nanomid Player
- VPN Box

Can I associate the VPN Pass with more than one device?

VPN Pass can be associated with multiple devices, but using one at a time.

NOTE: if you want to use multiple devices simultaneously you will need to purchase a VPN Pass for each one of them

How do I buy a VPN Pass?

To purchase a VPN Pass you must be registered on our site and visit the VPN Pass section

How do I assign a VPN Pass?

You can assign a VPN Pass from the VPN Pass List section, by clicking on "Actions" and selecting "Send VPN Pass to Player"

My VPN Pass has been lost / stolen / compromised
You can regenerate your VPN Pass through the "VPN Pass" section in your dashboard. Choose the VPN Pass in question then select "Actions" and finally "Generate New Pass". The expiration will remain the same
How do I verify that I am protected when browsing?
Ensure that the VPN Pass logo is visible at the top right corner
How do I manage the renewal and expiration of VPN Pass?

You can manage and check the expiry of your VPN Passes through the VPN Pass section and you can renew it from the "Actions" menu at the "Renew VPN Pass" item

How do I purchase the VPN Box?

If you are not registered, you can purchase the VPN Box from here nanomid.com/vpn/buy
Select what type of subscription you want to buy, the quantity, and complete the shipping information.
Finalize everything by selecting the payment method.

If you are already registered you can purchase from the Nanomid VPN Box section after logging in Buy VPN Box

How do I install the VPN Box?

To use the VPN Box in Wi-fi mode, follow these steps:

1. Obtain an Ethernet cable
2. Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the WAN port (FIGURE 1) on the back of the VPN Box and the other end into a free Ethernet slot of your home modem
3. Connect the USB power cable of the VPN Box (FIGURE 2) to any USB (5V) or compatible power supply (See Technical Specifications )
4. Wait for the first two LEDs to turn on
5. Ensure that the third LED is flashing when a device is connected via wifi

To use the VPN Box in wired/ethernet mode follow these steps:

1. You just need to add a second Ethernet cable and connect one end to the LAN port (FIGURE 3) and the other to your device


(Figure 1 )


(Figure 2 )


(Figure 3 )

How do I change the wifi password and/or the browsing country?

Once logged into the site go to the "Nanomid VPN Box" section select from the "Actions" menu the "Modify Box" option.
From here you can change the SSID, wifi password, description, and browsing country

What do the lit LEDs on the VPN Box mean?

Once connected to the network for the first time, the VPN Box LEDs will start to blink. When all three LEDs are on, the VPN Box is ready for use.

- First LED (Power/Internet): when it's on, it means your internet connection is active, if the LED is off, we advise you to check your internet line function.
- Second LED (VPN): when it's on, it means the VPN service is active, if it's off, your subscription may be expired.
- Third LED (Wireless/Ethernet): it's blinking when connected via wifi, it remains steady when connected via ethernet cable

Network issues, slowdowns, sudden blocks?

Open a ticket in the dedicated section ( My Tickets )
Our technicians will perform a remote diagnostic to verify if the problem depends on the VPN Box or your ISP

If I restart the modem, does the VPN Box also reboot?
No, for the reboot just turn on the switch on the side of the VPN Box and wait until the first two LEDs don't stay on, then you must return the switch to the initial position (FIGURE 1)

(Figure 1 )

Which devices are compatible with VPN Box?
Once the VPN Box is connected to the modem, you can connect any Wi-fi device that supports the IEEE 802.11b/g/n protocol or any device that has an Ethernet port
When does the purchased subscription start?
From the moment when the VPN Box is connected to the network for the first time
Do I need to buy another VPN Box after the subscription expires?

No, you can renew the VPN subscription from the dashboard (here: Renew VPN Box ).
Select the VPN Box to renew, choose the subscription period and finally complete the operation with the payment.

NOTE: To renew, you must first associate the VPN Box with your account

How does the VPN Box warranty work?

Visit the Returns and Refunds Policy page (here: Refunds Policy )

Is it possible to return the VPN Box?

Yes, you can exercise your right of withdrawal, visit the Returns and Refunds Policy page for more details (here: Refunds Policy )

My country is not available among the ones selectable for shipping. Why?

Currently, shipments are managed only for the following countries:

- Italy
- Germany
- United Kingdom
- Lithuania
- Austria
- Slovakia
- Finland
- Ireland
- Sweden
- Spain
- Portugal
- Czech Republic
- Belgium
- France
- Netherlands
- Luxembourg
- Switzerland

Where can I find the instruction manual for the VPN Box?

You can download the instruction manual from here: VPN Box List , by clicking on the 'Download Manual' button.

I already have a Guard subscription, can I connect it to the VPN Box?
No, they are two separate products, Guard is integrated in Nanomid Player, the VPN Box can be used for any other device

Haven't found what you're looking for?

To contact support, register,
if you're already registered, access the "My Tickets" section

Warning: To retrieve a previously purchased license, remember to use the same email address as the purchase.

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